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Augmented Reality App is one of the most vital and promising marketing

Traditional Print and video Media 3D-Front Projected Holographic Display Augmented Reality
Visualization 2D 3D 3D
User Experience Normal Experience Interactive Experience Interactive Experience
Usability and Extendablity Read and Visual Experience Read and Visual Experience Interactive Experience with
Extendable Function
Degree Of Freedom Limited By Location Limited By Location Not Limited By Location
Cost Effectiveness Repeated Usage is Limited Equipment is expensive Repeated Usage is Unlimited
Very Cost Effective Solution
Reachability Limited by Location Limited By Location Note Limited by Location

We are Augmented Reality Expert

Steamroll East has created and published many gripping, cool, and creative
Augmented Reality applications for Android, iPhone/IOS,Flash, 3D Augmented Reality,
and various other Augmented Reality programs,Augmented Reality Cards, etc.

We possess a competitive edge with customized augmented reality mobile solutions.
SteamRoll East offers several out-of-the-box Augmented Reality solutions as a part
of our mobile application development, such as:

Custom AR Features:

  • Painting AR
  • 2-D and 3-D models
  • E-commerce integration
  • Animation
  • User registration
  • Gaming modules
  • Integration to third-party APIs
  • Content management

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